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Contribute To Our Work

TradeAID Integrated welcome individuals and organizations to contribute to our work by partnering with us, joining our volunteer programme “COSLEC” or donating through our Charity Gift Shop. Details of these are provided below:

To Partner Us:

Any organization or individual who share common values with us and want to partner with us can do by sending us an email to info@tradeaidgh.org or simply filling our online Contact Form.

Volunteer With TradeAID Integrated:

Our volunteer programme dubbed “Come Stay Learn Contribute - COSLEC” connects people and organizations to the work of TradeAID Integrated. The programme offers opportunity to people interested in development practice to contribute to the work of the organization whiles developing their professional skills. COSLEC is a pay volunteer placement programme and the areas available are listed below:

  • Food Security Projects: Under this volunteers support farmers with improved farming practices as well as climate change adaptation practices that aid food production.

  • Craft Production and Marketing: Support craft makers with product designs and market information including e-marketing, catalogue development.

  • FairTrade Awareness: Bolgatanga is a fair trade town and so welcome volunteers who will want to help create FairTrade awareness.

  • Business Skills Training: Volunteers could also provide business skills training such as costing and pricing, marketing and planning, etc. to craft groups or farmer groups.

  • Business Startup Support: One area of concern to TradeAID is youth unemployment. We want to help address this by having a startup programme that will teach young people (particularly young girls / women) how to start their business and become self-employed.

  • Social Enterprise Development: Support in the institutional development of TradeAID Integrated social enterprise organizations namely Farmer Credit Fund and Producers Common Marketing Platform (PROCOM Ltd).

  • Advocacy: Advocacy for pro-Poor policies is one of the key areas of TradeAID’s work. Help produce the Trade-In-Focus on GBC-URA FM Station.

  • Bolgatanga International Crafts & Art Fair (BICAF) department: Volunteers can support the agency in managing and organizing the yearly fair trade festival.

The programme is also able to arrange placement for other organizations in cases where the particular area the volunteer want to be placed is not currently covered. To volunteer under this programme the following needs to be followed:

  • Completion of Application Form. In the application, the volunteer will indicate his area of interest and how long he/she wants to volunteer.

  • Return form to TradeAID Integrated through the email: info@tradeaidgh.org

  • Make Payment for your chosen placement.

  • Travel to Ghana / TradeAID Integrated in Bolgatanga.

  • Start placement.