Meet The Partners

Since 2010, Trade AID has partnered with Canadian Feed The Children as part of the CHANGE project. The project works to:

  • Train smallhoder farmers on climate-smart agriculture
  • Increase womens participation in agricultual and alternative livelihoods
  • Build awareness and resilience to climate change impacts
  • Improve incomes, crop yields and food security for men, women and children in Northern Ghana for the long term. 

Find out more about the project on the Canadian Feed The Children website >


Canadian Feed The Children (CTFC)

Servv International

Serve International started working with Trade in 2005, by giving the local artisans training and buying some of their baskets. They started buying baskets straight away when tradeAID introduced themselves and now they buy 5,000 baskets per year. They have visited many times and even offered training for the basket weavers. Servv International work in American fair trade retail, they have sent their quality standards that need to always be met.

SNV Netherlands Development

Netherlands Development started working with Trade Aid in the year 2010, supporting the Shea nut pickers and processes. It was TradeAID’s model of entrepreneurship that attracted them. Their partnership works by co-sharing ; SNV takes some of the costs and TradeAID takes others. SNV worked with TradeAID in energy saving programmes for 3 months. They worked towards finding alternatives to wood stoves for the production of shea butter to save energy, help the environment and pose less of a threat to craft peoples health.

Officially started working with TradeAID in January 2013 on the INCOME project. This was the first batch of volunteers to arrive. It’s been good to have volunteers for them to learn about the working environment most things learnt academically are different from the workplace. Lots of sharing between Ghana and UK culture. Beneficial to TradeAID because as an organisation they don’t cover too much ground with smaller staff, but volunteers have helped them expand their scopes and capabilities. Volunteers have brought enlightenment to the groups in Bolgatanga.

International Service

In the year 2000, Oxfam were the first partners of Trade AID. They help with livelihood support and policy issues.


TradeAID have worked with IFDC since 2009. They work in food security, specifically rice value change and vegetable growing.

International Fertilizer Development Centre (IFDC)

TradeAID have worked with IFDC since 2009. They work in food security, specifically rice value change and vegetable growing.