Meet The Team


Gazari Barnabas Manfumyi - Accounts Officer

Gazari enjoys designing and implementing accounts, templates and best practices. 

Nicholas Apokerah - Executive Director

Nicholas Apokerah has been the director of TradeAID since its inception, and in his time as the head of the organisation has led poverty-reduction initiatives during which 5,000 people have been affected. He is inspired by the NGO's actions that provide the local craft people with the support to meet their basic needs.

Jonah Ayinga - Finance and Administration Officer

Jonah has worked very closely with the basket weavers and the other craft groups for some years. A great source of pride has been seeing just how much TradeAID helps the local groups - how his work generates income for families, aiding people in providing for their children and sending them to school.

Vidah Virginia Boyubie - Programmes Manager

Vidah has been working at TradeAID for the past three years. She likes working with smallholder farmers, craft women and basket weavers. The nature of her work is in the office and out on the field where she gives small holder farmers economic and climatic farming training. She is always happiest when she is with the farmers.

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