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Basket Weavers Market Support Project (BAWEMAS)


This is about the oldest project of TradeAID Integrated. It has been running since the inception of the organization in 2000. The project builds the capacity of basket weavers and also facilitates market access for their products. The Upper East Region only has one rainy season per year which means farmers are only able to crop once in a year. The farm harvest is often not enough to feed families throughout the year and so most families supplement their income with basket weaving. The Basket Weavers Market Support Project assist the basket weavers to market their baskets on fair trade terms and also provide training on proper business management. The project has over the years constructed craft centres which serve as working space for the basket weavers in some of the communities. The project currently works with 60 basket weavers groups scattered across 19 villages in and around Bolgatanga. The break down includes 2,385 women consisting of about 98% and the men 57 which is about 2%. Some of the communities where the project operate include Yikene, Zorbisi, Zaare and Soe among others. To purchase from our weavers view our catalogue: xxxxx

The project over the years have made the following achievements;

  • Continuous market access support to the basket weavers averaging about 30,000 pcs of baskets yearly.

  • Construction of about six craft centres to provide working space for basket weavers making possible for basket weavers to learn from each other

  • Empowerment of basket weavers and the introduction of FairTrade leading to the recognition of Bolgatanga as a FairTrade town as well as the introduction of the Bolgatanga International Craft and Arts Fair (BICAF)

The project has the generous support of the following partners: