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Social Enterprise Initiatives

As part of the process of sustaining the work of TradeAID Integrated, management took a decision to initiate two social enterprise ventures and these are Producer Common Marketing Platform (PROCOM Ltd) and Farmers Credit Fund (FCF).


Market access for Ghanaian farmers continues to be a challenge and has remained one of the reasons why farmers especially food crop farmers are poor and development in the International trading of agricultural commodities could further worsen this challenge. These developments are basically in the area of;

  • Food safety issues which are increasingly becoming an issue for the urban middle and upper class Ghanaians who also have the purchasing powers.

  • Sustainability issues; this is particularly important to commercial crop farmers. The international market for most commercial commodities such as cocoa, coffee, groundnut, shea nuts, etc. are also demanding sustainability in terms of environment, income among others.

  • Standard both locally and internationally ISO 22000, HACCP 22000, GAP, GMP, etc.

These issues coupled with the fragmented nature of agricultural work in Ghana makes marketing a big challenge to most farmers. PROCOM Ltd addresses this challenge by aggregating farmers produce and providing a common marketing platform. The social enterprise currently deals in Ghanaian grown rice under the brand name "Bolga Rice”, Maize, Millet, Sheanuts / butter among others.


The mission is to provide specialized and personalized business/ financial services and products to farmers and other informal sector operators so as to maintain their livelihoods. Farmers Credit Fund is born out of the many years of TradeAID Integrated work in Northern Ghana where accessing financing for agricultural work has been a nightmare for many farmers and small scale producers over the years. As a way of contributing to address this challenge, the organization set up Farmers Credit Fund. It is essentially a continuation of TradeAID Integrated financial intervention work in the areas of micro credit and Village Saving and Loans (VSLA) facilitations. The ultimate goal is to contribute to making access to financing by farmers and other operators of the informal sector in the Upper East Region and Ghana at large.