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Increasing Economic Opportunities for Women through soiless farming (IEOW).


With funding from Shared Interest Foundation, the IEOW project is TradeAID Integrated newest project. The project idea is to support a cross section of Bolgatanga Basket Weavers groups that TradeAID Integrated has been working with over the years to diversify their income source especially in the wake of the COVID 19 pandamic which resulted in reduction of significant demand for baskets in the international market. In this way the vulnerability of basket weavers will be reduce and will better be able to deal with the shocks that comes from the reduction in the demand for their baskets. The project specific objectives include the following:

  • Facilitate the readiness of 12 basket weavers groups to enagaged in vegetable production

  • Support 12 basket weavers groups totaling 120 women to cultivate one acre farm of vegetables each by the close of 2022.

  • Faciltitate market access for about 90% of vegetables produced by the women

The project has the generous support of the following partners: